Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I had a wonderful day!! Our neighbors  invited us over this morning for breakfast, home made waffles if i may add. They were delicious and we had a fun time with good friends.. It was good to have a few laughs and my hubby had the day off. After breakfast we played this game  called, " Go to the head of the class" or something along those lines. The exact name of the game has slipped my mind, but it was fun. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go on that game show
"Are you smarter than a 5th grader." I would probably fail, sadly. haha.

After a fun filled morning, I came home and just had a relaxing afternoon at home, had a nice simple and relaxing day. Worked a little on my new painting, which I will post a preview of.  What I have done of the space needle, is now erased. Not on purpose but it's okay, cause I didn't like it anyways. I had accidentally sprayed to much quick dry on it, and it melted all down the canvas. Initially , my puppy was in my lap and I had looked away. I was ready to blame her, but then realized it was the spray. I thinned the paint to much. Ooops... I quickly apologized to the pup.. I am not quite sure what I have planned for this painting , it keeps changing every couple minutes. After I accidentally erased the space needle i went ahead and sprayed the rest of the canvas with quick dry so maybe i can try again tomorrow when the paint wont pick up so much. Here it is so you can get sort of idea what it might look like.

 That is it so far for now, I am going to wait until it dries a little more so I can re paint the needle. On a side note, I had ordered some business cards a while back. I took a picture of them but never posted it. Nor have I really handed any out, I didn't paint for a while so hopefully I am starting on a good streak of painting. I forget how much I enjoy it. I am curious to experiment with acrylics maybe one day soon. I have a starter kit of acrylic paints, sometime i get impatient with how long oils take to dry. I wanna paint something over the background and most times it is to difficult because i keep picking up the underlying paint. But for the most part I usually like the end result. Picture of new business cards are below. Well I hope everyone had a relaxing day off, stay cool and sweet dreams friends..
   Jessica Renee