Monday, August 13, 2012

In Good Company...

Today, I had a few friends over to paint... Nice way to start my week. Been working on a painting for going on what 5 weeks now? Not constant of course... And there have been times where I was totally frustrated with it, and just couldn't stand the site of it for another minute... lol That actually happens with every single painting I do.. I don't know if that is bad or good. I always eventually need to take a step back ... Smell the roses and grab a cup of tea or coffee, and analyze what I have done. Usually when I sit back down to paint on it again, it doesn't look as bad as when I left it.  I guess that is how your supposed to look at a painting. To look at a painting from a distance. Up close after a while.... it looks like a bunch of annoying random blobs sometimes, haha. But if you step back you can sometimes appreciate it more for what it is.
        Anyways, back to my  day.. I had my friend Cami over and another girl I had went out in service with not to long ago named Alice. I had a fun day. They brought over their own canvases and paints and we all worked on our own art. All of our art soooo different from each other's but all pretty in their own way. That's why I love art, some you don't care for very much and some art you love. All depends on what calls upon your soul I guess.  Everyone art is different from another person's art, some people take their time and create things as they go, some have the ability to create art in a few days, in the end it's art. It's what an individual can create. It can be a release. No matter what form your "art"  is in. I'm just babbling now. Back to what I was talking about, we listened to some tunes, drank some yummy tea, and enjoyed each other's company. I got to know a new friend in the mean time.  Anyways, it's late and this was my "break" haha. Love all who reads this, and at that goodnight friends.

 A sneak peak on my current project...


I love the above picture, so true. I got this pic off one of my favorite artists website, Kelly Rae Roberts. From one of my favorite cities Portland, Oregon.

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