Monday, October 10, 2011

4 years of Marriage

Hello world. It's Monday and it was my first day back to work, and the end of my 4 day weekend. It was wonderful . My 4 year anniversary was Thursday October 6th.  I've enjoyed 4 years with a wonderful man. Granted, we have definitely have had our ups and down's, but he has been a very loving and supportive husband.  On the day of our Anniversary, he took me to Kemah boardwalk here in Texas. We would have went somewhere else but he was on call with his job and we couldn't stray to far from home.  We went to the aquarium restaurant and ate some good seafood. Then walked around the boardwalk for a while, rode on a few rides, ( I was screaming). I also got him to take a few photo's of us in a photo booth below. :)
           He of course did not smile in any of the pictures. Figures lol, but I gotta love him!

      My husband had told me  my anniversary gift this year ( and the next 30 years) would be our new house, lol. Okay, I was totally cool with that for this year, so I didn't buy him anything. Shame on me, cause he fooled me! He did buy me something and it was a total surprise! So thoughtful  of him. He bought me a cute little stool and an awesome easel. Which was something that was on my wish list for my studio. He is so sweet!

I loooooooooooooooooove it! Anyways, besides my anniversary, we enjoyed a long weekend celebrating some friends of ours anniversary of 10 years, April & Darryll,we love them very much!  Besides that we ate out, (too much), and took lots of naps and spent time at home together. I plan on painting this week, on my new easel :)... But i have to end this post here cause I have a dog groomer about to come over and give the little brat a bath. She is being a stinker today!!! Can't wait till she grows out of chewing on everything. My lil puppy, gotta love her! Love all of you and enjoy the rest of your day!

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