Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative BURSTS!

WHEW! WHAT....A....DAY!!!  Today was quite busy at my "day job". Phones ringing off the hook, and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But, towards my lunch time, I had some free time, so i decided to doodle. Usually, ( in my opinion) I am not very good at sketching. I am fair at it, but I could be better. We all can improve on something. While sketching my doodle, ( i giggle whenever I say that word), i drew a little picture, I know what my next painting is going to be now! I can see it much more clearly in my head. I could post a picture of the little piece of scrap paper that I drew on to give you an idea, buuuuut I am going to make ya'll wait until I paint it. :)  It's hopefully going to look pretty cool. Something entirely different then what I normally paint, a little on the abstract side. << So this is my creative burst for the day. A phrase that is commonly used by my precious friend, Juanita, ( I love her so much) !!  Back on track, In my opinion, I am not a very abstract painter. So I have to finish my current painting that I am working on so I can get started on this new one in my head. Still, I am not quite so sure what my "style" of painting is yet. What I will be "known for".  But  I guess we will both figure that out later on down the road.

    Anyhoozle, changing subjects on ya'll now. I got off work at 2 o' clock as normal. So i decided to FINALLY  go get my registration sticker for my car . I got there and you guessed it, big long line.  An hour later, and it's my turn  in line, this is the part where I insert foot in mouth, the gentleman asked me if it was my current address on my license. Which for those of you who know me personally, know that I currently moved into a new home. So of course, when he asked if the address on my license was my current address, i blurted out, " No, I moved." , and this is where he directed me to a different court house in my new county. Such a waste of my time, he could have given me the sticker. Oh well. Guess I need to do it tomorrow or sometime next week. :) Didn't let this ruin my day. Well, I did promise myself yesterday that today I was going to paint, and I am going to go do just that. Enjoy the rest of your day my friends!~~

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