Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here come's the sun...

I know... I promised myself I would write another post before the weekend was over, and here I sit and it's Tuesday night. My bad.... Anyways, I got distracted this weekend. I did start a new painting, and those who are already on my facebook page has already seen all of these pictures, but I want to share them anyways.   As usual, I am not going to post another picture of my current painting until it is finished, and this time I will only post it on my blog first before I post on my Artist Facebook page. 
Gorgeous day today in Galveston, TX.

Last Monday as you know I lost my job, so this Monday a friend and I went job hunting together. We had fun , we went to lunch and scouted out places to leave our resumes. Job hunting is always better with a friend. Today, I did more volunteer work with another friend in Galveston Island, Texas. As you can see above, after we were done we went to the beach. The weather was perfect today, and there was a nice breeze going on. I wish I had brought some more appropriate clothing so I could have gone further into the water but maybe next time. Tomorrow, I get to stay home and clean my casa, and do a little painting. Then in the afternoon, more job hunting.  Well, I'm sorry I don't have much else to say. So y'all will have to wait till I am done with my painting. I hope y'all love it!  Have a good night friends!

Love,  Jessica!~~~


  1. Hey Beautiful!!!
    Thanks for Commenting on my Blog! I always read yours!!! Wish I could've Job hunted w/ you!!! Miss doing stuff with you so so sooo Much! Love ya!~

  2. Awww I miss you to my beautiful friend! I miss you and Washington more than you know!! I'm glad to know people actually read my blog... Sometimes I wonder if anyone does haha. Love you, keep up your blog up! You get me motivated to start a juice fast! :) Love u cutie pie!